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Flourish after Infidelity Flaunt08-09-23 The Shame of Betrayal – Making Decisions That Help You Heal

The shame of being the betrayed partner can be stifling, making us feel unworthy, afraid, or like we were to blame. Living in a state of fear, shame, and judgment cuts us off from our resources and keeps us locked in a cycle of despair. Even though getting help is hard, even though it’s risky to try to mend marriages or understand relationships, unless we take risks, the only thing that’s guaranteed is that we’ll never get what we want. Might now be the time to break free?

Top take-a-ways

  1. The Power of Taking That First Step: Discover how taking a leap of faith can lead to life-changing results, even if you are afraid.
  2. Rebuilding Trust and Healing Wounds: How to protect your heart and navigate your doubts about affair recovery, saving your marriage, or your partner’s ability to change.
  3. Overcoming Shame on the Journey to Healing: Gain insight about the power of shame in holding you back, keeping you small and afraid, and get inspired to shed shame and embrace vulnerability as part of your healing process

Download your Sparkle After Betrayal Recovery Guide at, a guide designed to help you take the first steps in feeling better, so you can reclaim your power, own your worth, and start putting yourself, and your life, back together again.

About Lora:

Author, speaker and Burnout & Betrayal Recovery Coach, Lora Cheadle help women rebuild their identity and self-worth so they can find the courage to claim what’s possible on the other side of betrayal.

Untangle yourself from the past, reclaim your power, and own your worth so you can create a future you love on your own terms. All with a wink and a smile! Learn more at and follow me across all social!

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