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FLAUNT! Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith04-07-21 Sexually Woke – Awaken the Secrets to Your Best Sex Life in Midlife-with Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith 

When you think about midlife, sex, and doctors you probably don’t think about spirituality, mind-body connection, inspired wellness, or mind-blowing sex and relationships. Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith’s is to change that, and to help women navigate midlife while remaining vibrant, connected and sexually satisfied no matter what age or limitation they are currently facing.

Top Take-a-Ways:

  • Why normal does not always mean optimal, and how to bridge the gap between normal life changes and experiences and optimal living.
  • How shifting her perspective from treating sickness to inspiring wellness allowed Dr. Susan to significantly impact the lives of her clients and how you can benefit from this shift too.
  • The importance of Believing it is Possible, and keeping a happy, healthy mindset now and always. You can optimize your hormones at any age, you can let go of resentment, and you can shift your body image!

Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith is an award-winning, Board Certified Obstetrics and Gynecology physician, author and life coach based in Houston, Texas. In addition to starting one of the largest all female OB/GYN groups in the country, she is also the founder of AGIL, a line of skin care products and certified organic transdermal hormones that support optimal aging.

Passionate about menopausal health and sexuality, Dr. Hardwick-Smith completed an extensive research project that culminated with her book Sexually Woke. The mission of Sexually Woke is to help women navigate midlife while remaining vibrant, connected and sexually satisfied. Outside of her practice, Dr. Hardwick-Smith enjoys producing audio and video content exploring uncensored topics about midlife sexuality and spirituality.

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