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08-08-18 Sex. Aging. Women. Body Shame. Relationships.

If you are like most people, reading this list of words may have caused some discomfort, shame, embarrassment, or feelings of concern. We live in a culture where pornography is easily accessible to anyone with a computer, yet conversation about healthy sexuality are nearly impossible to find. There is a double standard for men and women surrounding age and aging; women must be young and thin if they want to be sexy, but men with wrinkles or gray hair are distinguished. Breastfeeding in public is seen as questionable, or even obscene, yet most magazines, TV shows or movies show hypersexualized images of women on a regular basis, and those images are not questioned. And to top it off, the bodies that we see most frequently on TV or in magazines, are NOT what most bodies look like! The bodies we see in the media have been airbrushed and edited to the point that sometimes they don’t even look like real bodies.

Let’s face it. Americans have a strange relationship with their bodies, with the bodies of others, and healthy sexuality.

Fortunately, there are people like Anne Bercht in the world, who are not afraid to talk about healthy sexuality, aging, relationships, bodies and all the stuff that the American culture has come to view as taboo – but really isn’t.

If you have a body, if you have sex, if you have a relationship or if you are aging, then this show is for you!

Anne Bercht is an author, speaker, and relationship coach, who, along with her husband Brian, has appeared on television and radio programs throughout North America including Oprah, Montel, American Family, Marriage Uncensored, Northwest Afternoon, Vicki Gabereau, and many more. They are authors of My Husband’s Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, which is a Canadian Bestseller.

Their education includes training with some of the most respected relationship experts in North America including John Gottman, John Gray, Harville Hendrix, Michelle Weiner-Davis, Prepare-Enrich and PREP (the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program). They have been certified to teach several of the aforementioned programs as well as others including the Personality Style Indicator, and other assessments by Consulting Resource Group International. For a six year period, Anne was personally mentored by Peggy Vaughan, author of the Monogamy Myth, founder of the BAN network and host of

They have written numerous articles and have been featured in newspapers and magazines throughout North America including Reader’s Digest, Macleans and Newsweek. They have been invited to speak at training sessions for therapists, and are among North America’s foremost experts on marriage and relationships as speakers at the annual Smart Marriages Conference. They speak at churches and conferences around the globe.

Anne is the Director for the International Beyond Affairs Network, where she leads the leaders of more than one hundred support groups in twelve countries worldwide, and through them is currently supporting approximately one thousand betrayed spouses in recovery. The Beyond Affairs Network (BAN) received a Smart Marriages Impact Award in 2008, being recognized as one of the programs in America having the biggest impact in saving and strengthening marriages and families.

Together Anne and Brian have developed and deliver 4 unique weekend seminar experiences aimed at recovering from infidelity, building strong marriages, and developing honourable character in men and women.

The achievement Brian and Anne are most proud of is the ongoing love, passion & commitment they share in their own marriage. In 2015 they celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary. They have three grown children, and four grandchildren. You can learn more about Anne at

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