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Seek Reality Archives with Roberta Grimes

Cyrus Kirkpatrick Talks About Understanding Life After Death

01-30-17   Seek Reality – Cyrus Kirkpatrick Talks About Understanding Life After Death Although he is not yet thirty years old, Cyrus Kirkpatrick is one of the world’s most promising experts on the greater reality that we return to after death. Roberta considers his...

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Hillis Pugh Talks About the Power of Gratitude

01-23-17   Seek Reality – Hillis Pugh Talks About the Power of Gratitude Hillis Pugh is a young man bent on transforming our culture and people’s individual lives through the surprising spiritual power of gratitude.

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Sheri Perl Talks About Communicating With Her Departed Son

01-16-17   Seek Reality – Sheri Perl Talks About Communicating With Her Departed Son Sheri Perl is an energy-healing expert whose son, Danny, transitioned at the age of 22 but is more in his mother’s life than ever! Together they are doing wonderful work for other...

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R. Craig Hogan Talks About the Soul Phone

01-09-17   Seek Reality – R. Craig Hogan Talks About the Soul Phone Dr. R. Craig Hogan is working to develop methods by which communication between this level of reality and the one where the dead reside will become both easy and irrefutable. He talks about his...

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Sandra Champlain Talks About Her Book: We Don’t Die

01-02-17   Seek Reality – Sandra Champlain Talks About Her Book: We Don’t Die Sandra Champlain is a fearless researcher who began as a skeptic. She takes us on her extraordinary voyage of investigation and discovery, and in the process she gives us a deeply moving and...

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Peter Wright Discusses Removing Attached Entities

12-26-16   Seek Reality – Peter Wright Discusses Removing Attached Entities Many mental and physical ills can be caused or worsened by dark entities or simply by confused people who didn’t properly transition at death. Peter Wright is a licensed hypnotherapist who has...

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Dr. Gary Schwartz Interview Roberta

12-19-16   Seek Reality – Dr. Gary Schwartz Interview Roberta Dr. Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona at Tucson is the world’s foremost research scientists in the field of afterlife studies. Here he playfully interviews Roberta on Liberating Jesus, a book that...

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Elevating Consciousness

12-12-16   Seek Reality – Elevating Consciousness Roberta tells us more about her extraordinary experiences in writing Liberating Jesus and My Thomas. She talks about the process of elevating the consciousness of the planet that is now ongoing, and the part that each...

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Betsy Otter Thompson

12-05-16   Seek Reality – Betsy Otter Thompson Betsy Otter Thompson’s brief channeled book, LoveHuman, is an easy and joyous entrance to the new awareness that we also enter with Roberta’s new book, Liberating Jesus, and with TJ Woodward’s Conscious Being. An effort...

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The Light Between Us

11-28-16   Seek Reality – The Light Between Us Laura Lynn Jackson is a gifted natural psychic whose life story is a testament to the power of the human mind. Her book, The Light Between Us, is a fascinating and uplifting account of the beautiful ways in which each of...

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The Gentle Way with Tom T Moore

11-07-16    Seek Reality – The Gentle Way with Tom T Moore Tom T. Moore is an adventurous spiritual seeker who has developed “The Gentle Way,” a method for improving our lives that builds upon and is more effective than “The Secret.” Applying The Gentle Way can help...

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“11 Days in May” with JD Messinger

10-31-16    Seek Reality – “11 Days in May” with JD Messinger JD Messinger is the author of 11 Days in May, which was a surprise best-seller in 2012. He shares with us the extraordinary story of his receipt of this channeled book that might be considered a shorter...

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David Thompson

10-17-16    Seek Reality – David Thompson David Thompson is one of only three or four fully developed physical mediums in the world who sit in public seances. This interview, conducted with David in New Zealand, is a bit rough technically, but what he has to tell us...

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Betty Anne Millar

10-10-16    Seek Reality~ Betty Anne Millar Betty Anne Millar lost her husband, Murray, three years ago. And that was when their real fun seems to have begun! Murray is a very advanced being who is now working with cutting-edge experimenters in electronic afterlife...

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Physical Mediumship with Victor and Wendy Zammit

10-03-16    Physical Mediumship with Victor and Wendy Zammit Victor and Wendy Zammit are the world’s leading afterlife researchers, and are experts in the exotic field of physical mediumship. They talk here about each of the seemingly odd details of a physical...

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Interview with Laura Mayer

09-26-16    Seek Reality – Interview with Laura Mayer Laura Mayer is a spiritual transformational counselor and occupational therapist whose beautiful book, Unlocking the Invisible Child: A Journey from Heartbreak into Bliss, tells a gripping story. While her parents...

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Jurgen Ziewe

09-12-16   Seek Reality – Jurgen Ziewe Jurgen Ziewe, also known as the Multidimensional Man, is the greatest living out-of-body traveler. His beautiful paintings of the glories he has seen in the astral levels are breathtaking! And his insights into the realities we...

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