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06-25-18  Second Genesis Awakening’s Plant Based Diet Challenge  

Come Join us as we share our featured guests. This wonderfully talented and gifted family that took on our Second Genesis Awakening’s Plant Based Diet challenge to learn more as they teach us what they discovered about Organic Plant Based Eating. We welcome the youngest member of there family, Lincoln who is 4 then Haiddyn who is 9 and Madilynn who is 10 …and of course…. Mom Melissa who has been reading Adam’t’s The Second Genesis Transformation: Passage to spontaneous Regeneration book & recently became apart of our online Community website and is enjoying our curriculum. On this Broadcast, Melissa is part of QA time LIVE with Adam’t Gardener . Melissa has wanted to ask these questions … We had so much fun!  Looking forward to meeting their father Jacob… Jake

We Hope you enjoy the Show….

We smile a lot as we eat … we feel good…

Smithsonian Native American Museum in Washing D.C.  has this quote for all to see…

“Our Elder’s have created for us a sacred way of being in the universe. it is our responsibility to pass this understanding on to the next Generation.” Tessie Nararjo (Peublo of Santa Clara) 2001 

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