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12-06-17  Sara Sophia Eisenman, She Is One

Join Lora for an hour of pure, alchemical magic, as she interviews silver-haired goddess, Sara Sophia Eisenman, who shares her wisdom on everything from fully embodying the self, to the divine feminine, to creating and understanding soul-centered, divine union. Sara Sophia also discusses her book, She Is One, which details her life’s journey through the underworld of the soul, encompassing mental illness, soul-shattering trauma and a near death experience, from which she is reborn, her fractured soul is returned, and she learns to love and embody her divine, feminine wholeness.

Sara Sophia Eisenman is a Berkeley-educated writer, soul alchemist, and devoted wife and mother of two children. Known for her exceptionally raw writings on healing, trauma and the authentic embodiment of the sacred feminine through her own personal story, Sara Sophia has attracted a large, devoted following and supported countless others in their rise to self-love, power and divinity. Sara Sophia holds a Bachelor’s I cognitive neuroscience for UC Berkeley and a Master’s in cultural and performance from UCLA. Visit her at to find out about her offerings, groups and book She Is One.

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