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get the help you need Flaunt08-23-23 Resources, Community, & Empowerment – Get the Help You Need!

It’s one thing to talk about empowerment, but it’s another thing to move through the intimidation and fear to get the assistance, support, and education you need. Today’s show features three special guests Karen Chellew, Legal Liaison, and Catherine Shanahan, CDFA, from My Divorce Solution, a company dedicated to helping divorcing couples to have clear picture of their full marital estate, so they can understand the long-term consequences of the choices they make when they’re dividing money and reach the best outcome for themselves and their families, and Jasmine Rice, CPLC transformation coach and bestselling author. Together with Lora they share candidly about their divorce experiences, and what they wish they’d have known then. They will also share the details of their upcoming The Power of Me, women’s empowerment conference.

Top take-a-ways

  1. How to break free when you are too intimidated to start.
  2. The power of connecting with others, especially when you don’t know what you don’t know.
  3. Moving from fear to focus, and why you don’t have to figure it all out now.

Learn more about The Power of Me Summit, hosted by Jasmine, Karen, and Catherine, and emceed by Lora at:

We can’t wait to meet you, support you, and spend a powerful weekend together!

Get the support you need to find your footing, begin making sense of it all, and feel better fast. As an attorney, betrayal recovery expert, and survivor of infidelity I can help you find the clarity and confidence to create a life that you love on the other side of betrayal. Book Your Session Here:

Download your Sparkle After Betrayal Recovery Guide at, a guide designed to help you take the first steps in feeling better, so you can reclaim your power, own your worth, and start putting yourself, and your life, back together again.

About Lora:

Author, speaker and Burnout & Betrayal Recovery Coach, Lora Cheadle help women rebuild their identity and self-worth so they can find the courage to claim what’s possible on the other side of betrayal.

Untangle yourself from the past, reclaim your power, and own your worth so you can create a future you love on your own terms. All with a wink and a smile! Learn more at and follow me across all social!

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