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Universal LoveNEW-Lisa_Schermerhorn08-11-15  Dr Lana and Det David Love speak to personal development coach Lisa Schermerhorn concerning her special insight on sexual abuse, personal growth, and effective mind-body healing techniques.

LISA SCHERMERHORN is a successful Personal Development Coach.

Lisa can help you make some real, positive and lasting changes in your life by helping you identify the obstacles that are holding you back. Lisa received her BA in Management from Simmons College in 1984. She is a Certified Hypnotist, helping people with weight loss, smoking cessation, work and relationship issues, as well as Past Life Regression and Life In Between Lives Regression. She is a Reiki Master, practices the Emotional Release Method, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and has traveled to Peru to study with several Shaman and has been studying Shamanic healing for fifteen years. Lisa is the Past President of the Woman’s Club of Concord, graduate of the Leadership Greater Concord Program, graduate of the Fast Track Program of the National Speakers Association, and an award-winning speaker.

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