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01-17-18 Overcoming Disaster

Stuff happens. Bad stuff. And the reason the phrase, “When it rains, it pours” exists, is because bad stuff seems to happen all at the same time. And it stinks! But don’t despair! Even when the train goes waaaaay off the tracks, even when you think you will never get back on track, you can still recover, and even be happy in spite of (or maybe even because of) your bad luck.
NO JOKE! Here is what Lora is dealing with RIGHT NOW. The MAIN sewer line, connecting her rental home into the city’s pipe collapsed, causing a sewage back up, as well as an astronomical repair bill, to replace the entire line. This happened the day after a water valve broke in her home, flooding her basement. Which happened right after the transmission went out, needing to be completely rebuilt, the dishwasher broke, the washing machine hoses sprung a leak, the hot tub heater went out, there were several family health concerns, AND her friend passed away. Honestly!

Through this ALL, Lora has learned four steps to dealing with disaster:
1) Find gratitude wherever you can.
2) Put your situation in perspective.
3) Realize what you can control, and what you can’t control.
You CAN control the RESULT of your disaster. Find the lessons learned and educate others through your loss. You have been given the gift of wisdom! Spread this newfound Love and Light!
4) Look for deeper meaning. What has this situation taught you? Is this situation a metaphor for something in your life? If everything happens for a reason, WHY did this happen to you? What can you NOW do with that knowledge?

Tune in to learn how you can use these four steps to help you deal with whatever misfortune comes your way!

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