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SimranNEW-nicole henderson11-02-15   On Sacred Time: Nicole Henderson

If you have ever wanted to know how to connect with the trees, the wind, the water, the animals or even other people, this book is a necessity. Nicole Henderson teaches through being ‘On Sacred Time’ that you are not alone and that you are just as capable of tapping into this unrecognized source of power. On Sacred Time, Tapping the power within provides a lifetime of discovery for those that just KNOW that there is something awesome about being alive today and they have to (not just want to) tap into it! They understand that present day cataclysmic events call each of us to change and align ourselves with a higher purpose. Meet medical intuitive and author Nicole Henderson.

Henderson has spent 25 + years developing and refining remote viewing techniques that allow her to detect extreme or subtle imbalances that exist within the human frame that can lead to physical illness. Whether you are experiencing ill health, dysfunction in your business practices or chaos in your family, this teacher/author/avatar will help you put it all in its proper order.

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