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PFusion Logo06-29-16   On Air Life Choreography Session with Kathy Navigating the Negativity

Lora Cheadle is conducting an on air Life Choreography Session with Kathy, who has been struggling with Navigating the Negativity from her first family.

Whenever we Re-Choreograph any aspect of our lives we follow a three step process. First we Recognize that there is a problem or a situation that we would like to change. Second we Reveal to ourselves and to others how we want that situation to look or feel for us now. Lastly, we go about Re-Choreographing our life in a more authentic manner for us.

Kathy has already Recognized that her family of origin is very negative. She has recognized her own internal negativity and she has Revealed to herself and to her family that she will no longer tolerate it. However, she still struggles with habitual negative thinking and with the estrangement from her mother that was the result of her new boundaries. She’s not exactly clear how to Re-Choreograph a new, positive life, because she has never lived free from negativity.

Her Life Choreography session will teach her how to Re-Choreograph a life that suits her dreams and desires; one that will allow her to thrive and sparkle as only she is able. Using hypnotherapy, meditation and some behavior modification tricks, join her in learning how to banish the negativity from your life as well!

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