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Ambujam_1Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and Deborah Beauvais Welcome New Host Spiritual Embodiment Coach and Trainer Ambujam Rose Sunday June 21st at 7pmEST…when the phone lines open and everyone experiences an awakening.

Since two years old, Ambujam has seen our detailed path of growth and evolution. She sees which past-life patterns and karmic histories need healing, understanding and completion so we can get on with things now. Ambujam sees the complexities of how we’re awakening and helps us navigate this wild journey.

Ambujam’s Intentional Group Power Healing™ works with the power of self-responsibility and intention. The group’s combined inward intention to know and heal themselves multiplies the power of awakening and change for the individual. Healing energies amplify.

Show~ Spiritual Embodiment Training

with Ambujam Rose

“Gathering intentional listeners to build the largest healing container possible.”

Exercise your spiritual core together! Ambujam is a Spiritual Embodiment Coach & Trainer. She sees where you are on the path and helps you stay on the path. Ambujam connects with the shared inner journeys of the listeners. She detects unconscious patterns that weaken core-alignment and reawakens inherent qualities that strengthen your inner core. Her direct approach challenges you to acknowledge the truth within, cross those internal thresholds and be the self you already know you are. Call in your questions for personal training. It’s never the same workout twice!

Ambujam’s Spiritual Embodiment Training show thrives on your call-in questions on how to more fully own yourself and embody your truth!

Call 617-237-1234 or 866-338-9663

What are those new choices you need to make that will truly change you for good?
What blocks you from your sovereignty, relationships your heart desires and being fully in who you are?
What inner challenges are you facing that feel scary and uncertain to let go of what’s no longer serving you? What inner thresholds scare you to leap forward into your next levels of presence and freedom?

Ambujam welcomes your questions to empower your wholeness and Spirit within!

Topic: Awakening. Why your life is no longer working

You are awakening. Your true core-self is alive now and has a new life to live. Living your life only from what you’ve known yourself to be is no longer working.<
Everything that is not aligned with your spiritual core is dying. Everything that is aligned with your spiritual core is birthing. Tune as Spiritual Embodiment Coach and Trainer Ambujam Rose explains this mass awakening and how to navigate it, tunes into the audience’s shared life-themes for direct teachings and takes your calls for personal spiritual-core strength training.

Show is heard live every 3rd Sunday at 7pmEST when Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is at 1510am WMEX Boston Listen:  and heard every Monday at 7am & 7pmEST on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network. Listen Here:


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