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09-10-18  New Age Supplements / Ancient Origins

This week is another special show as Dr. Judy welcomes her son, Andrew Campbell, and his business partner, Carlo DiMeo, founders of LIFE Pure Recovery, joining us from Boulder, Colorado.  Many of you already know Andrew as the voice behind the ads on Dr. Judy’s radio and Breakfast with Spaniels broadcasts, but after meeting New Zealand deer farmer, Barry Cuttance, Dr. Judy’s entrepreneurial son and his lifelong friend Carlo, a biomedical engineer, entered the “Wild West” marketplace of supplements.  Hundreds of hours of work produced their first product, LIFE Deer Antler Velvet,  and was followed by MultiFocus, developed to help people from all walks of life manage their stress levels and eliminate brain fog.  Andrew and Carlo verify every step of their process and pledge honesty in consumerism.  Utilizing high quality sourcing and ethical, humane practices, they guarantee transparency at every step and ensure no animals or humans are harmed at any point.  Tune in to hear Dr. Judy, Andrew and Carlo talk about the key events and adventures that led them down the natural recovery path, where to find their LIFE blog and even how you can share your own experiences through a 30 Day Restore Your Life Challenge from their LIFE Pure Recovery website.  It’s definitely a show you won’t want to miss!

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