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02-21-20 Nature Supports Our Wellness

Leah Marie addresses how the power of nature is always available for us to tap into for healing, inspiration and wellness, whenever we are mindful and aware.  Also joining Leah Marie on this show is Cora, known for her page on Facebook as “I AM a Force of Nature”.  Cora shares about her Dark Moon Women’s Retreat that is coming up in April and will be held in the Blue Ridge Mountains of  Virginia.  Tune in for more information and also a 5 elements meditation for the last segment of the show. Text the word “Vitality” to 66866″ and join the movement to THRIVE!
I Am A Force Of Nature – Reiki Healing & Energy Work

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You can learn more about Leah Marie’s meditations and purchase her daily meditation program, “Mooditations for Healing and Wellness”, at

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