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Natalia Gabrea03-24-21 Master Your Energy -Master Yourself -with Natalia Gabrea

In honor of #womenshistorymonth, instead of honoring women who have already made history, I am honoring women who are about to make history! Join me all of March as we celebrate virtual personal trainer Liz Hall, virtual personal trainer who lost over 100 pounds naturally and now helps others to do the same, Julie Ulstrup, photographer, TEDx Speaker, and Elevator of Women who helps her clients to see themselves in a way they have never seen themselves before, and Natalia Gabrea, Energy Management Coach, founder of 6th Degree Leadership, martial artist, and expert at all things energy, power, and leadership.

If you are like most successful women, you have a lot to manage. By the time you manage your career, your family, and get the basics done at home, you are toast. Time to chill on the couch, sip on wine, munch on a cookie (or five) and chill out to Bridgerton. But is that really what you need? Is that something that will recharge your energy stores? Enter Natalia Gabrea, Energy Management Coach, founder of 6th Degree Leadership, martial artist, and expert at all things energy, power, and leadership, who helps women master their own energy, so they can master themselves and have the ability to do all they most sincerely want to do in live.

Top Take-a-Ways:

  • The six essential levels of power: physical, mental, spiritual, creative, emotional, and social and why it’s important to understand which ones drain and which ones generate energy and which ones drain energy.
  • The importance of Radical Recovery, how it differs from simply chilling out, and how you can reap the rewards.
  • How learning to managing your energy keeps you focused, fierce, assertive, and confident.

Natalia Gabrea is a power and peak performance executive leadership coach. She brings a black belt mastery mindset to senior leaders who hold compelling long-term visions for impact. Her Sixth Degree Leadership™ Method teaches the essential pillars of energy management required for sustained exceptional results, longevity and wellbeing. As the co-creator of the Healing Martial Arts™ Method, Natalia believes that movement is the foundation for having a healthy body and mind and the catalyst for emotional healing, growth and creative self-expression. Natalia is a fierce advocate for mental health in our communities and inside corporations where she speaks openly about overcoming the stigma that exists around it. Natalia received her BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University, and her MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. She has a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a certified Qigong and Tai Chi instructor from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi in Santa Barbara.

Dreamvisions7 Listeners! Send Natalia a DM on LinkedIn telling her one “a-ha” take-away you had from today’s conversation. She will give you a 20 minute strategy session to help you identify your biggest energy leaks that are holding you back right now.

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