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04-09-18 My Best Friend is Mother Nature

Join Dr. Judy as she welcomes her friend and an emerging canine nutritionist, Liam Whelan, coming to us from Berlin, Germany.  Originally from the countryside in Ireland, Liam is the proud pet parent of Charly, his miniature dachshund, who actually played a large role in his own journey to a healthier lifestyle.  After meeting Dr. Judy in Chicago at the 2017 Raw & Natural Dog Summit, he was further inspired to pursue his growing passion to become a certified clinical animal nutritionist.  Liam learned early on that providing Charly with variety in a species appropriate, ancestral diet was the best way to love and spoil his dog.  While his website is still under construction, Liam is delighted to be the sole purveyor of Dr. Judy’s deer velvet products in Europe via This will be an informative show as Liam and Dr. Judy talk about getting started, his progress toward certification and his strategy for transition from traditional employment to a full time career in natural canine nutrition.  Wondering why Liam chose an egg with a crack in it as his business logo?  Then by all means, tune in!

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