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Mind Health Matters Archives with Bernie Siegel M.D.

The Spiritual Journey

05-21-14 Theme: Dr Bernie, Co- Host Lionel Ketchian and Deborah Beauvais share ‘The Spiritual Journey’ and how they all got to where they are in life

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Silence, Still Pond

04-08-14 Silence, Still Pond When we take the time to silence our thoughts, our mind- we give the inner gifts we have, an opportunity to surface in the form of messages. When we act on those messages with thoughts of the Highest good for all, we not only enhance our...

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What would you write on your gravestone?

01-18- 14 Topic: What would you write on your gravestone? Bernie shares what he would write. He also shares the songs to be played at his funeral. Not to worry, Bernie isn’t going anywhere. Hear Siegel’s 10 warning signs and the many stories of his experiences and… of...

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Choosing Life

12-21-13 Topic: Dr. Bernie speaks to Choosing Life with stories from his book Love Medicine & Miracles, how hope and love can change the direction of one’s life and illness. Love heals. Imagine Global News with an hour focused on people making a difference?

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Bernie shares his amazing life

11-15-13 Topic: Bernie shares his amazing life, the love felt in his childhood from his grandfather and parents, choosing to be a surgeon, going to college and how his patients affected him. He shares when he became conscious of a Higher purpose and living...

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Running out of time

10-16-13 Topic: Running out of time, are we really running out of time? Questions to God, how people survived the holocaust and inspiring messages for living in peace today.

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Numbers have meaning in dreams, drawings and life.

08-21-13 Topic: Numbers have meaning in dreams, drawings and life. Connecting with infinite wisdom as we sleep. Bernie's new book The Art of Healing. For many, Dr. Bernard Siegel- or Bernie, as he prefers to be called-needs no introduction.  He has touched many lives...

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The Jewish New Year: Repairing and Repenting

12-12-12 Discussion: Bernie speaking: I truly believe we are all here to repair the world. The Jewish New Year makes this point and I believe it is a meaningful one... In talking about deeper levels of consciousness, metaphors can be helpful. So let’s talk about the...

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Fear is necessary when used properly

10-24-12 Topic: Fear is necessary when used properly. Bernie shares his thoughts on women in fear of breast surgery and how they look. Also stories and poems that show when we have fear and when we choose not to, including Bernie's scare on his bike.

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