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11-10-15    The 52: Discovering the True You in 52 Simple Lessons

Deanne Mincer’s teachings are grounded in the steadfast belief that each of us is the Light of Eternal Life and Love and that we can come to know the Truth while in this lifetime.

In concert with her beliefs, she has authored The 52: Discovering the True You in 52 Simple Lessons – Inspired by the Profound Truths of A Course in Miracles, Classic Yoga Texts, and the Mystical Poetry of Rumi and has created “Divine Love: A Unique Yoga Nidra Experience, ” in collaboration with Sacred Acoustics. This groundbreaking recording brings together for the first time, the powerful meditative guidance of Yoga Nidra (sleeping meditation) with the consciousness altering sounds and tones of Sacred Acoustics.

Deanne is an inspiring speaker on the subject she likes best, learning to love yourself in every moment of your life. Her talks are filled with meaningful quotes, personal stories, and demonstrations on muscle testing and clearing negative belief systems, as well as humor, joy and fun. She sees every person as the Light of Fivine and Eternal Love and wants to share this vision with you. Deanne has been a long time student of spiritual studies. For many years, she was a practitioner of yoga and in the late 1980’s she was drawn to share her enthusiasm by becoming a yoga teacher. Her certification, from the Himalayan Institute, was a comprehensive two year program including the study of anatomy, diet, nutrition, Ayurvedic medical practices, the methods of teaching hatha yoga, the science of breath and the study of raja (the royal path of yoga) philosophy.

She has taught yoga, meditation, and spiritual classes for more than twenty-five years.  In the mid 1990s, she experienced a spiritual awakening called shaktipat and her teachings took on a new and freshly informed understanding. This was the beginning of many mystical transformations that were brought about from guru’s and teachers, both in their bodies and out, and by ascended masters of the highest order. These involved signs, manifestation, and messages that emerged from unlikely sources.

As Deanne continued her studies, she explored Reiki and also studied with Henry Grayson, Ph.D. where she refined her work with muscle testing and the complex of energy healing methods Dr. Grayson has developed for use with his patients.  Dr. Grayson’s work is illuminated in his books, Mindful Loving and Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind. This work, which engages many modes of healing, is taught in a private setting and scores of individuals has made great strides in learning to love themselves and let go of issues and traumas that kept their lives in states of fear, anger, depression, and hopelessness.

For many years she brought her attention to the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles, concentrated on every word of the three major parts of the book. She now offers regular groups called “Into the Light of Miracles,” guiding through the daily lessons. Another popular and unusual program she presents is called “Rumi and Me.”  this includes the reading of the mystical Sufi poet, Rumi, and participants learn a rare form of meditation called whirling, as followed by the “whirling dervishes” in seeking unity with God.  Deanne’s special interest in this springs from a completely unexpected encounter with Rumi himself when she entered his shrine in Konya, Turkey. For more go to site:

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