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Tammy Hader Migraine Management10-03-23 Migraine Management with Tammy Hader

Tammy Hader possesses no official academic writer’s pedigree. With a BBA in accounting from Wichita State University, her history resides in numbers. After a 30-year accounting career, Tammy reinvented herself as a writer in 2018. She is an essay writer at Medium, BizCatalyst360, and WebMD. Tammy is an editor for the Medium publication Journal of Journeys and a contributing author in the Daily Gift Book Series. When not writing, she enjoys caring for her mom, cooking for her family, and serving her two rescue kitties with the royal attention they deserve.  Several years ago when WebMD started a patient perspective program, they found Tammy’s migraine-related personal essays on She now writes 2 articles a month for WebMD where her big message is migraine management. Tammy emphasizes developing a knowledge base of migraine illness and learning everything you can about your own version of migraine illness.

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