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07-23-21 The Insights of Joseph Chilton Pearce: Michael Mendizza

An expert in child development, Joseph Chilton Pearce (1926-2016) devoted his life to exploring the optimum development and astonishing capacities within each individual human being. Across his 12 visionary books and thousands of lectures, he blended cutting-edge science with spirituality and explored the amazing power of imagination for both children and adults–the space where we are able to play with our reality–inspiring millions to discover the human birthright of a more magical world. In this guide to Pearce’s complete vision of transcendent human potential, Michael Mendizza explores 7 of his most influential books, sharing insights and expertise from Pearce’s full range of interests, from child development and conscious parenting to psychic phenomena and altered states to the power of the mind to shape reality. Offering essential passages interwoven with Pearce’s own commentary, drawn from personal conversations and unpublished material, this book shows how Pearce’s key insights build across his books, breaking down core assumptions about reality and human potential. We see the importance of imagination and empathic, non-verbal forms of wisdom, which have been long overshadowed–to the peril of humanity–by verbal-intellectual skills with their abstract concepts and ideological perspectives.

Michael Mendizza is an entrepreneur, author, educator, documentary filmmaker and founder of Touch the Future, focusing on optimizing human potential beginning with the parent-child relationship. Michael’s close friendship and mentor relationship with Joseph Chilton Pearce began in the early 1990’s He is the author of six books; Magical Parent-Magical Child, the Art of Joyful Parenting, co-authored with Joseph Chilton Pearce, applying what athletes call The Zone to parenting and to education, Playful Wisdom, exploring the critical role fathers play during the early and explosive first two years of a child’s life, Always Awakening: Buddha’s Realization Krishnamurti’s Insight with Rinpoche Samdhong, the first Prime Minister of Tibet in Exile, Flowering, a collection of dramatic floral and seascape images with quotes by Krishnamurti. Astonishing Capacities and Self-inflicted Limitations, a summary-anthology of Joseph Chilton Pearce’s collected insights and Unconditionally Free, the life and collected insights of J. Krishnamurti. Michael and his wife share ZFolio; two galleries, Solvang, Monterey, California, that feature international designer jewelry, Czech Art Glass and Michael’s photography, The Solvang Olive Press featuring the highest standards for Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world plus Balsamic from Modena, Italy.

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