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09-22-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Michael Ellegion author of Prepare for Their Landing sharing his experiences with extraterrestrials over the course of his life and Intergalactic the transformational journey he experienced when he was first reunited with Celeste his own Divine Other-Half, a higher dimensional Immortal Intergalactic Goddess dedicated to restoring Heaven on Earth and the Golden Age. Michael having both a UFO researcher as well as “Experiencer/contactee from his first book Prepare for the Landings: Are You Ready?” where he documented and exposed how the vast majority of beings visiting Earth are divinely intervening to help Earth’ s humanity. We will discuss NASA STAR PEOPLE their characteristics and how and when large groups were born. Michael discusses much about the unseen world of benevolent human appearing ET’s which have been the majority of beings visiting earth rather than focusing on the negative greys and reptilian beings and the abductions of humans.

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