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Meaningful Children's Books Just in Time for The Holidays11-16-21 Meaningful Children’s Books Just in Time for The Holidays!

 “I Am Not What They Say”

Joshua D. Blocker is an Award-Winning Actor, Author, Screenwriter, Director, and Founder of DAWAY ENTERTAINMENT. An all-around creative who is spontaneously comedic, intriguing, intelligent, and widely influential. Joshua Blocker, affectionately known as JoshDaWay, is dedicated to changing lives through the power of storytelling. This Texas native has huge dreams with no plan to stop his pursuit of them anytime soon. Joshua holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas State University (San Marcos, TX) and is currently represented by Cachet Talent Agency. Joshua’s website is

“The Case of the Missing Baby”

Caden C. Whitlock is a motivated, energetic Fifth Grader with a heart of gold. He enjoys school and loves playing and watching soccer. Caden has brothers, his twin, Cody, who lives in Heaven with Jesus, Jonathan Jr., Dondre, and Jordan. He also has a sister, Madison.

Madison is writing, “What Does Jesus Do?”

Madison loves to ask her Mommy all kinds of questions. She is a fun and lively 9-year-old who loves writing, reading, and drawing unicorns. She also loves to play soccer and basketball with her twin brother, Jordan, and her older brother, Caden. Maddy taught herself how to play the guitar and wants to learn the drums next. She also loves to dance and sing.

Caden and Madison’s parents are Marian and Jonathan Whitlock. The family lives in Leesburg Georgia. Their website is

“Grampy Goes to Heaven”

Dr. Anne Worth is a Christian counselor, speaker, and author of “Call Me Worthy.” She has a heart for those who are lost and forgotten, including doggies. Dr. Anne is “Grannie Annie” to six grandchildren and “GG” to two great-granddaughters. As a hobby, she creates Christian art. Her “Tessie’s Tears” book series, the first of which is “Grampy Goes to Heaven” helps young children deal with the difficult issues of loss, whether it be the loss of a loved one, a friend, or a pet. Dr. Anne’s website is

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