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11-01-17  Me, Too. – And What to do if You Were

Maybe you have seen this on people’s Facebook Status, and maybe not. This movement was started in order to raise awareness about sexual assault and sexual harassment by encouraging those who have experienced either to share that fact with others as well as to reduce the stigma associated with being a victim.

In today’s show Lora explores the legal definition of sexual assault and sexual harassment, our societal beliefs and attitudes about any type of harassment or assault short of rape, and how we can all become part of the solution instead of (inadvertently) being part of the problem

Then, using hypnotherapy techniques Lora gives readers the tools to either remove or rewrite any disturbing or traumatic memories that they have, whether they are a survivor of sexual assault, sexual harassment or any other trauma.

Read Lora’s full blog post on the #MeToo movement here:

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