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Mayhem to Miracles, Sacred Stories of Transformation Change09-21-21 Mayhem to Miracles, Sacred Stories of Transformation Change 

Bio: Sharla Charpentier is a lawyer and recovered alcoholic who shares a passion for writing creative children’s stories, a love for teaching, family, travel, adventure, and all of the world’s amazing creatures − most certainly llamas! Sharla is a mother of four, artist, writer, and poet. She created The Llove Llama character, and co-authored The Llove Llama And Friends series with her cousin Monica Kerkes.

Bio: Dr. Anne Worth is a Christian author, speaker, counselor, and workshop leader. She has a heart for animals and people, especially those in need of fostering. Anne serves the homeless and refugee communities in Dallas, Texas. Her mission is to “champion the forgotten.”

Bio: Diane Vich RN- COVID RNAnxiety, pain and symptoms used to control my life. Holistic remedies, hypnosis, nutrition and fitness helped establish a BALANCE in my body to enable healing and relief. You can THRIVE again.

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