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Mary Petto06-01-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Mary Petto, author of The Family Guide to The Law of Attraction, who’s stories and research help readers understand the Law of Attraction for manifesting our best life results and it’s all based in using energy effectively, lovingly, and for the purpose of improving one’s self, the community, and world. Mary Petto shows us how she has discovered the Law of Attraction from her earliest days as a child and has been leveraging the Law of Attraction since she was a teenager to help her achieve many of her goals and successes in life. Mary, as one of her goals, wishes to help parents and teachers assist the younger generation to be aware of these universal laws before they become overwhelmed by the complicated current happenings in today’s world such as the Coronavirus, economic and political upheaval, decisions about their future prospects for their careers and health among other things.

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