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Mara Branscombe03-01-23 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Mara Branscombe author of Ritual as Remedy an evocative guide to ritual and healing practices as a healing balm for the psyche and soul. Mara describes what a ritual is. Imagine the journey of life like a spiral. At times we are inside the center of the spiral, where we find ourselves in the gestating, visioning, planting, or new beginnings cycle. Sometimes we are more expansive, coming to the end of the spiral as we may be completing a specific chapter or cycle. Whatever stage you are currently at in your life, create space in your day to-day living to trust your process and acknowledge the “divine timings” when they arrive. When we truly dwell in the present moment, set our intentions with clarity, and release our attachment to the outcome or the “final product,” we can witness our life as a living ritual. Not everything happens at once, and when we hold true to our personal process, live inside the current of reciprocity of equal giving to receiving, we are living inside the essence of our true potential.

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