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Jean Adrienne03-12-21 Manifesting Love: Jean Adrienne

The time is now for the divine feminine to return to her place of honor on our planet and in the Universe. For over five thousand years, she’s been pushed to the background to allow the divine masculine to find his personal power. It’s all part of a plan, and now when the feminine heals her wounds and claims her power, she is able to support the masculine in doing his own inner work to heal and atone for his part in wounding her over the last age. At that point, they are finally able to magnetize each other to themselves, inside themselves. When this happens, high alchemy occurs, leading to conjunctio—the divine marriage. Conjunctio has always been used in alchemy as the symbol of culmination, and it means to unite or bind the cosmic pair of opposites.

Jean Adrienne is the author of 6 books and 2 decks of metaphysical healing and activation cards. Her latest book, Conjunctio-The Soul’s Journey, is an Amazon International Best-Seller. Jean created InnerSpeak, a coaching tool for clearing karmic blocks from this lifetime, past lives and ancestors, to enable you to create the life and reality you desire and deserve! She works with clients remotely using Zoom or inner office in Tallahassee Florida.

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