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Management and Leadership Development Through Management and Development of the Self05-29-19 Management and Leadership Development Through Management and Development of the Self

Did you know that most of us spend more time at work than we do at home with our loved ones? Doesn’t it make sense then, for us to enjoy our time at work? For us to develop our own emotional intelligence and be able to relate to those we work with in a connected, compassionate and fulfilling way, so we can all be more productive, happier and fully utilize our own gifts?

Fortunately we have people such as today’s guest who has dedicated her life to making us all happier and healthier, one woman at a time!

Paula Alphonse Management and Leadership DevelopmentPaula Alphonse is a transformational speaker, leadership trainer and a status quo disruptor. She has traveled across the globe inspiring, mentoring and transforming men and women of all ages to reach out and capture their own leadership. I want everyone to recognize the power within that is awaiting to be ignited along with their right to a blissful life. She uses her 16-plus years’ experience in the management cadre, colorful storytelling, and a memorable sense of humor to provide tips, tools and structures which capitalize on opportunities at-hand.

Though she has held various many hats throughout her career: pharmacist, manager, coach, facilitator and author, her passion and purpose in life is to empower people to reach their full potential. She knows that we all have within ourselves the power to create positive impact and the best return on investment for ourselves, our families as well as the organization we work for.

Her mission is to impact the lives of millions by empowering women to be confident leaders in all areas of their lives. In her business, she helps women move from obscurity to self-realization for the best return on investment for themselves, their families, communities and the organizations they work for.

She considers herself blessed to be able to see first-hand how helping each other grow actually makes the whole world a better place… one person at a time.

Let’s elevate the conversation and change the world together…
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