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05-01-19 Love. Relationships. Work. With Giovanna Capozza

These are the things that most of us aspire to, yet, did you know that we can also be addicted to them? And any addiction, even when it’s to something that’s normally positive, is not healthy!

As women, many of us have been taught to seek approval outside of us. To attract male attention, to serve our families, to do good at work and above all, to find a partner who will love us. But what about loving ourselves? What about allowing ourselves to be in relationship and be loved by God or by spirit?

Giovanna Capozza found herself toggling between relationships and work, always striving, but never really finding the happiness and satisfaction she desired. After a personal crisis, where she hit her rock bottom, she went on a man detox, dove into spirituality and for the first time in her life, deepened her relationship with God.

Join Lora as she interviews Giovanna, host of the She Rises Podcast, as they talk about love, relationships, spirituality and how Giovanna found her sparkle!

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