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Love by Intuition Archives with Deborah Beauvais

Safe in the Arms of Love

Safe in the Arms of Love is a unique resource for new parents, combining breakthrough “bonding music” and vital information. This exquisitely illustrated book provides the information parents need to lovingly bond with their baby. Safe in the Arms of Love also...

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Doug De Vito

Leading Expert Doug De Vito Explains How Anyone Can Learn to Become a Skilled Catalyst for Reconnective Healing. Doug De Vito says he was the last person someone would expect to engage in a career employing unseen light and information to heal people. After all, he...

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Shunyam of Shunyam Productions

Shunyam of Shunyam Productions shares information on the Boston Yoga & Chant Fest Event, June 18-19th. Later in the show Deborah discusses how powerful the voice is and the importance of awareness in the different energies around us. Boston Yoga and Chant Fest is...

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Linda Pestana

A compelling read inward to Love through difficult choices as a devout nun-."Please, don't wait to live your it now" is a motto that Linda Pestana shares in her book, "Voices of the Heart". Linda's life experience has paved a path for her own healing and...

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Joshua Fields

Joshua Fields was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the oldest of three and was raised just outside of Chicago. He received a Master of Arts degree in Economics from DePaul University in 1996, and has spent most of his career doing Market Research in the Retail...

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Dr. Andy Kulick

Dr. Andy Kulick hails from Barberton, Ohio, a suburb of Akron, Ohio. After graduating from Kent State University in 1970 (Yes, he was there the day of the shooting of the 18 students) with a degree in business he eventually moved to California where he completed a...

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Jansenius T. Lange Jr

Jansenius T. Lange Jr. I am a modern Philosopher; published Author/Writer; Keynote public Speaker and founder of Self-Development Wisdom Education and "Self-development Wisdom Institutes..." My lifelong Vocation; is to offer "Free" Human-Development Wisdom Education...

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Betsy Otter Thompson

Betsy Otter Thompson's work has always gravitated toward the media. A Philadelphia native with a B.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, Betsy worked as an account executive for WFIL radio in Philadelphia, and from there went to radio stations WPEN and WFLN. After...

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Tonya K. Freeman

With an open heart, a willingness to share, and an amazing insight to other people, Tonya K. Freeman is the Visionary that will help you realign your natural movement to be a power-full, magnetic Femi-nine Energy. A natural born leader, Tonya realized her strengths as...

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Pamela Oslie

In Pamela Oslie’s words: I use my psychic abilities to help people discover their life path, solve issues, and achieve fulfillment, and to demonstrate that we are more than we've been taught – that among other things, psychic abilities are natural and in us all. My...

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Taking your Light to the next Level

"Taking your Light to the next Level" Deborah shares her journey to the Light including the different pieces of healing that can bring one to experience the buoyancy and tingles of the Light on a daily basis. It is our choice. From the purest love in her soul she asks...

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Debbie Heneghan

Debbie Heneghan (level II Reiki certified, and a certified spiritual healer). I’m schooled on Angelic forms (Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels), spiritual beings, Ascended Masters, Elementals, Goddesses, among others. I’ve attended the Internal Guidance System (IGS)...

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Dr. Mitch Ergas

Dr. Mitch Ergas, Chiropractor, speaker, nutritional consultant, sound therapist and intuitive energy healer, has witnessed many miracles with his patients. He works to help others help themselves in achieving balance between mind, body & spirit. Described by his...

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Tom Zuba: 3-part Series of the 12 Truths

Tom Zuba is a grief guide, an author and an inspirational speaker. Tom’s 18-month-old daughter Erin died suddenly in 1990. His 43-year-old wife Trish died equally as suddenly on New Year’s Day 1999 and his 13-year-old son Rory died from brain cancer in 2005. Tom and...

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E.H. Rick Jarow

E.H. Rick Jarow, Ph.D. has transformed the way the world thinks about their work, purpose and vocation. As the pioneer of the anti-career movement and author of Creating the Work You Love, he has helped thousands open to their intuition, transform their values into...

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Monique Chapman

Monique Chapman is an internationally celebrated Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant, Holistic Healer, spiritual development teacher, Reiki Master teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, media personality, author, ordained minister associated with the Universal Life Church, and...

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Ann Sousa

02-05-11 Ann Sousa is a Shamanic Practitioner and Diviner, currently studying with Malidoma Somé, a West African Shaman. She has visited and traveled with Peruvian Shamans. She is a Shamballa and Reiki master. She holds a degree in Mental Health and Science, and has...

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Katharine S. Ayers

Katharine S. Ayers, author of From Frozenness to Freedom is an artist who has lived in the Hawaiian Islands for the past thirty years. Her interest in writing began with English courses at Vassar College. “Since then I have continued to journal, write poetry and...

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Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope, Founder of Institute for Sacred ActivismTM SM was born in south India in 1952 where he lived until he was nine years old. It is this early period that he credits with shaping his sense of the inner unity of all religions and...

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Elizabeth Eyerer: Brain Integration Practitioner, M.M

Elizabeth Eyerer: Brain Integration Practitioner, M.M. Elizabeth Eyerer received her B.A. cum laude from Smith College with highest honors in Theatre. She then attended New England Conservatory where she received her M.M. in Vocal Performance. In November 2009,...

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