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Lisa Gould Rubin, CCE, CD, has had two passions from a very young age; ballet and birth. Lisa graduated from Hampshire College in 1976 and danced professionally in New York City and abroad.

In 1985, Lisa became a certified childbirth educator as a creative way to have hospitals let her help couples through labor and delivery at a time when the policy allowed only husbands or partners. Lisa has been providing professional labor support (confused back then with working for the unions) for hundreds of women and their partners, long before it became a recognized profession and took on the title “Doula”.

Lisa’s unique approach helps expectant and newborn parents apply who they are and how they live their lives to the experience of giving birth and parenting their new babies. She helps women and their partners find their way to the birth experience that’s right for them and their own emerging parenting style so they end up feeling good about themselves, the process and each other.

Lisa helped establish the doula program at Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC. She has provided expert advice on childbirth and parenting to publications like The New York Times, Fit Pregnancy, Parents Magazine, and the Utne Reader. Lisa is the co-author of The Birth That’s Right For You; (McGraw-Hill, 2006) and she has been featured on the Today Show.

Birth and Newborn Parent consultant-Now you can have the information, resources, expertise and support of a childbirth expert, labor and postpartum doula wherever you are, whenever you need it, in person, by phone, email and video chat. You don’t have to wait until you start taking childbirth classes to figure out how to have the birth experience you want. And you can get just the expertise and support you need when you come home with your new baby.

Helping you get the answers to your questions, make choices, custom-fit strategies and get the support that’s just right for you. This helps you feel good about your birth, your parenting, yourself and each other. Call for a FREE half hour consult to get the help you need now! 914.763.9487


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