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01-09-19  Lauren Kay Wyatt, founder of Love Renegades

Love! It’s much more than a romantic thing. Yes, we have romantic relationships, but we also love our friends, our families, our jobs, our food, our cars and our animals. And if we truly want to be happy, we also need to love ourselves! But for many of us, there are a handful of beliefs and limitations that get in our way. Those beliefs and limitations, also known as the “Laws of Love” hold us back, and prevent us from having the relationship of our dreams-whether with a partner, friends or with our self.

Join Lora as she interviews Lauren Kay Wyatt, founder of Love Renegades and learn how to break the laws of love so you can have the love and relationships of your dreams! Lauren Kay Wyatt is an intuitive, unconventional coach, international speaker, and founder of Love Renegades, a coaching company that that shows soul-driven, self-aware individuals (and entrepreneurs) how to harness their intuition to create authentic, romantic relationships on their terms.

Since 2012, Lauren has worked directly with hundreds of individuals to heal their hearts and “break the laws of love,” a Love Renegades term for letting go of “other people’s advice” to enable you to use your heart, intuition, and spiritual power to create and grow a romantic relationship – something most individuals and namely women, struggle to do – irrespective of the number of years in business, client success, or their revenue.

Lauren is the creator of programs such as Tap into Your Inner Love Renegade, Enlighten Your Love Life, and Love Mastery. Lauren is the creator of “The Universal Love Story,” a web-series that documents real-time sessions with clients as they break “the laws of love” and heal past romantic experiences to reclaim the role of protagonist in their romantic story.

Through applying the conscious, intuitive principles of Love Renegades, Lauren has witnessed clients and audience members step into worthiness, set powerful boundaries, and create an abundance of love for themselves – which translates into deeper, long-lasting connection with intimate partners. Many also experience acceleration in their businesses and professional lives.

Lauren Kay Wyatt
International Speaker | Founder, Love Renegades

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