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08-20-21 Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery: Dr. Keith Lowenstein

Kriya yoga is an ancient meditation technique that focuses on breathing and the spine to unlock deep states of awareness, self-realization, and spiritual growth. Kriya can provide a fast path to awakening, yet its practice has been shrouded in secrecy, passed only from master to initiate for millennia. Introduced into Kriya 40 years ago, Keith Lowenstein, M.D., offers an accessible yet detailed guide to Kriya yoga. He explains the basic techniques of the practice step by step, detailing proper posture, breathwork exercises (pranayama), visualization practices, and mantra. He reveals how Kriya is a scientific art–if practiced consistently, it will allow you to quickly enter deep states of meditation and ultimately experience inner stillness. He also explores how the practice of Kriya leads to healing and the development of compassion and the freeing joy of the union of Nature and Spirit. Sharing the wisdom of his Kriya yoga teacher Ganesh Baba, the author adds a detailed understanding of anatomy, especially the importance of the spine in Kriya yoga and energy flow. The author explores Ganesh Baba’s teachings on spirit-infused science and the integration of Vedic philosophy, quantum mechanics, prana, and spiritualization illustrated in the Cycle of Synthesis. He also discusses the relationship between the exercises of Kriya yoga and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as well as teachings from his other teachers, including Paramahansa Hariharananda.

Keith Lowenstein, MD is a board-certified physician and founding member of the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine. He has thirty-five years of clinical experience in integrative medicine, psychiatry, nutrition and obesity medicine, and has additional training in in medical acupuncture, somatic psychotherapy, cranial osteopathy and child psychiatry, He has a lifelong commitment to a comprehensive approach to human health and development. Dr Lowenstein has been quietly practicing and teaching Kriya Yoga for more than forty years. His teacher was Ganesh Baba (Sri Mahant Swami Ganesh Anand Saraswati Giri), one of the great masters of Kriya Yoga who not only developed an accelerated version of this yogic meditation technique and taught it openly with great enthusiasm and a love of life. Dr Lowenstein was his last main student, leaving behind the art world just as he was offered a career-making opportunity. For five years he studied, traveled, and lived with the Kriya master. Upon Ganesh Baba’s urging, Dr Lowenstein went to medical school. Now he continues Ganesh Baba’s legacy, passing on Kriya Yoga to new generations of practitioners. Dr. Lowenstein’s Inner Traditions publication, Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery: Practices for Deep States of Meditation, is the fulfillment of his promise to Ganesh Baba to spread the light of Kriya knowledge.

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