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03-19-18  Kids on a Plant Based Diet & Adam‘t Gardener speaks to the Epidemic of Depression in School Systems

We welcome you to today’s Second Genesis Awakenings ™ Radio hour with our featured guests who are in the 5th grade, Ammon & 3rd grade, Elise & Kindergarten Max who are Brother’s & Sister.  Each one of them are very happy to share with us their experiences about eating from mostly, a plant based diet, which each one of them began at birth. We asked them to share their hopes and thoughts & wishes for Healthier School lunches as they let us know their thoughts on America’s health. Ammon shares how the family loves eating out of there own garden…

Adam ‘t Gardener comes onto the 2nd half of the show to share Insights into the reporting on PBS News of the Epidemic of Depression in our School Systems …Debara and Adam dialog about they’re hope for a new conversation to come forth in America all about, ” REAL HEALTH ” Not one all about “HEALTH CRISIS.” Let us INVEST in our HEALTH & WELLBEING with CONSCIOUS EATING.. A future where our children take lead for generations of wellbeing & living a life free from sickness and disease … Our, Plant Earth .. Thriving! It Begins Today.

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