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Kerri Hummingbird07-20-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Kerri Hummingbird author of Love is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound which shows us the state of our world now has been touched by the suffering of women many whom have developed victim mentalities which result in their being unable to love fully, often neglecting loved ones and even competing with their children for control and attention. Kerri guides women to courageously reclaim their power, wisdom and voice by healing the Mother Wound so they can help mend the sacred hoop of humanity. Women throughout the ages due to the patriarchal, religious systems, have often been seen as second class citizens and remain so in some undeveloped cultures still existing in this world. It will be in recognizing the equality of all human beings as sensitive souls with divine potential and not separating or segregating anyone due to gender, religion, race, class or disability, that we will improve our selves and the world as it was always meant to be by the universal creative source, will resonate with true love and compassion for all. There will be no division politically, religiously, socially, we will appreciate people as they are.

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