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12-04-17    Keep Music Alive

And now for something completely different, as Dr. Morgan’s show this week features Vincent James and Joann Pierdomenico from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Morgan’s followers are treated daily to the beloved theme song Vincent wrote for Breakfast with Spaniels which is now used on her Naturally Healthy Pets radio show.  Volume One of their 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life features over 100 inspirational music stories including those from a number of iconic musicians such as Simon Kirke (Bad Company, Free), Rick Wakeman (YES) and more.  Vincent and Joann are the founders of Keep Music Alive, a non-profit promoting the value of music for children’s education, music therapy, and for our overall happiness.  Their passion for music also led them to found Kids Music Day and Teach Music America Week, two music holidays where they partner with hundreds of music schools in the US, Canada, and beyond, to promote music and offer free lessons in local communities to new students.  You’ll learn what kind of music our pets like to listen to, as well as how they react when they hear music in our homes.  Prepare yourself to be delighted by tuning in to hear Vincent and Joann share with Dr. Morgan how music changes lives!

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