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Julia Paulette Hollenbery08-24-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Julia Paulette Hollenbery author of The Healing Power of Pleasure which shares her lifelong love of the mystery and reality of sensual relationship and the life of the body as it informs each soul to merge their mind and body for optimum satisfaction during this life journey Julia Paulette Hollenbery works as a bodyworker therapist mystic healer and facilitator. Julia Paulette author of The Healing Power of Pleasure combines scientific fact with ancient spirituality, insight humor and poetry to reawaken your body, realize the dept and web of relationships within which we live and embrace the pleasure power and potency that arise when we look inward as well as confidently relate outward with the world around us. Julia shares her step by step journey and techniques to function and grow through a sensual journey of healing and transformation.

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