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Judy Wilkins-Smith07-08-22 Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint: Judy Wilkins-Smith

Everyone knows we inherit our physical DNA, but few people realize we also inherit our emotional DNA an ancestral blueprint of thoughts, feelings, and actions handed down to us through multiple generations of repeated family patterns. Discover the art and science of creating lasting transformation by working with systemic dynamics and constellations. All of the different systems we belong to our families, organizations, careers, religions, clubs, cultures subtly determine how we think, feel, choose, and act. When we illuminate our invisible allegiances to these systems, we’re able to make new choices and watch a world of possibilities open before us. Detect hidden and multigenerational patterns, recognize their purpose, and then transform old cycles to create an extraordinary life. Learn to make the invisible visible by decoding your use of language and your body’s messages. Identify the gifts that are often hidden within the pain and messiness of a family or other system. Understand the physical, emotional, and neurological changes that happen through systemic work. Break free from the immensely powerful meta patterns that keep you in a systemic trance including gender, war, natural disasters, and religion. Explore the ways your unconscious patterning impacts every area of life, relationships, money, health, and more…

Judy Wilkins-Smith is a highly regarded organizational, individual, and family patterns expert. A systemic executive coach, trainer, facilitator, thought partner, and leadership conference and motivational speaker, she has 18 years of expertise in assisting high-performance individuals, Fortune 500 executives, and legacy families to end limiting cycles and reframe challenges into lasting breakthroughs and peak performance. Passionate about visionary leadership and positive, accelerated, global change, Judy uses her ability to understand critical dynamics in personal and organizational systems and the points at which they intersect, to create growth and success. As the Founder of System Dynamics for Individuals and Organizations, she collaborates with individuals and corporate decision-makers to implement innovative, ‘whole system’ design elements, ensuring balance, appetite for excellence, passion, and sustained success.

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