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Judy Wilkins-Smith12-22-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Judy Wilkins-Smith author of Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint which is a powerful guide to transformation through disentangling multigenerational patterns every human being grapples with and uncovering these DNA patterns helps to understand both the limitations and gifts that are innately ours. Judy who tells us the day you agree to become “Big” is the humblest day of your life. Because, that’s the day you are truly in service of your best life and the lives around you. Being “big” challenges you to expand your consciousness and live as a free spirit.” We will discover that every human being is born to be remarkable. And yet every human being is shaped by patterns handed down by their ancestors—invisible multi-generational patterns of decisions, thoughts feelings, actions, reactions and choices that limit their responses to events and influence every decision of their lives, unconsciously running the show. We will uncover these Emotional DNA patterns embrace them and learn to make new choices and rewire the brain to become like the phoenix the best of who we really are.

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