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Awakened Wellness with Mylaine Riobe, MD

Happy Body!  Happy Mind! Happy Life!

Show Description: 

Join Dr. Riobe, a double-board certified medical doctor of the newly recognized field of Integrative medicine and OB-GYN, for an eye-opening, mind-expanding adventure into wellness and disease prevention. Debunk myths, learn about cutting-edge research corroborating ancient medical systems, and explore the mind-body-spirit approaches that keep you and your family vibrant, healthy and happy! Dr. Riobe specializes in traditional Chinese medicine, functional medicine and conventional medicine, bringing a unique perspective to inspire a paradigm shift from our reductionistic and antiquated conventional medical system to a vibrant, dynamic system fusing the best of multiple medical and spiritual models while leaving behind what no longer serves us.

“People often tell me that my ideas are ‘counter-intuitive’, but I say they’re ‘counter-culture’ and very intuitive! Our culture has strayed away from what would keep us grounded, healthy and happy, and it’s time to go back home to our intuitive mind, which is better equipped to guide us through today’s challenging times.”

Bio: With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Mylaine Riobe has developed a ground-breaking technique to preventing disease and treating illness by fusing Eastern and Western medicines. The dynamic, customized approach is effective and safe. She has helped 1000s of patients overcome debilitating symptoms and difficult illnesses by addressing the root causes, not just masking the symptoms.

A graduate of Columbia College of Columbia University in New York City, where she grew up, Dr. Riobe later obtained her medical degree at New York Medical College and completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Medical College of Pennsylvania and the University of South Carolina. She learned conventional medical practices that she used for four years following her graduation and board certification in OB/GYN. Dr. Riobe grew increasingly frustrated with the “cookie-cutter” Western medicine that she had learned and practiced. Although Western medicine serves its purpose for acute, life-threatening conditions, the Doctor felt that patients who suffered from chronic conditions such as fatigue, poor sleep, low sex drive, and obesity often did not find relief from the prescriptions and advice given.

As a child, Dr. Riobe learned holistic healing methods from her grandmother. These methods, learned from someone she trusted and loved, planted her passion to treat her patients in a more holistic fashion.

She allowed her passion to treat the root cause of a problem to lead her to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Integrative Medicine, and Functional Medicine, eventually mastering these Eastern and fused methodologies.

She received her degrees in TCM and functional, integrative medicine at The Academy of Pain Research, a University of California, Irvine-affiliated institution as well as at The University of Miami, and through The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Boca Raton, Florida.

Dr. Riobe incorporates these three disciplines into her practice to provide an integrative, customized approach combining leading-edge modern medical testing and technology with time-tested energy-based methods of TCM.

In her books, The Tao of Integrative Medicine and The Answer to Cancer, she makes sense out of the chaos that is our current health crisis and sets a path to prevention of diseases such as cancer as practiced at The Riobe Institute. The Riobe Method also provides effective treatment of chronic symptoms and conditions after they take hold.

As a female entrepreneur and a mom, the Doctor knows first-hand how easy it is to be consumed by a hectic lifestyle. She enjoys practicing what she preaches by eating healthy, making time for her family and herself, and keeping active. She also stays on the path to prevention by obtaining her Annual Integrative Check-up, and encourages others to do the same!


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Awakened Wellness with Mylaine Riobe MD

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