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In Search of Lost Lives: Michael Goddart10-07-19 In Search of Lost Lives: Michael Goddart

In Search of Lost Lives is Michael Goddart’s unique memoir in which he recovers eighty eight past lives and depicts spiritual experiences that ultimately prepared him to follow a path of soul liberation from the mind. In Search of Lost Lives: Desire, Sanskaras, and the Evolution of a Mind and Soul shows how desires and actions order transmigration to subsequent human and animal lives. Twelve lives show how hurtful actions resulted in a subsequent life as an animal or a sojourn between lives in a state of reformation. This singular account shows the spiritual experiences in numerous lives that were the many steps of his spiritual evolution that led to initiation onto a mystical path of freedom from reincarnation and reunion with God. Winner of the BODY MIND SPIRIT BOOK AWARD® Winner of the NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE® AWARD

Soon after moving to Marin County, California, just after turned 11, Michael Goddart started actively searching for the truth about death and how to attain everlasting bliss. He began daily meditation at age 19 and at 21 began to meditate for two and a half hours daily. For more than two decades, he has also been actively developing his sense of knowing and opening his higher consciousness to his everyday awareness. Michael Goddart took his MFA in Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University and is the author of Spiritual Revolution: A Seeker’s Guide; 52 Powerful Principles for Your Mind & Soul, which the Hollywood Spiritual Film and Entertainment Festival named Best Spirituality/Self-Help Book. He is also the author of BLISS: 33 Simple Ways to Awaken Further, which was also named an official semifinalist.

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