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07-20-15   The Know Show with Rev Robert McMillian

This is an Affirmation/Mini Sermon from our, “In My Own Voice” Series that “REMINDS” us of the importance of “REMEMBERING” to, “L.G.H.I.” – Let God Handle It, at the same time that we do that which Spirit is guiding us to do.

It addresses a parents, “Learning Curve” around my oldest daughter’s (J.J. McMillan) apparent need for independence at nine month’s old and the importance of “Listening” to the “Still Small Voice” within. This is recorded in .wma format and you may need to get “Quick Time” (free download) to play it/record it on your computer, but your Android/Apple phone should play/record it just fine.

Create A Great Day! A Day Filled with Love, Peace, & Joy! Unspeakable Joy!

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