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Clare Goldsberry12-31-21 The Illusion of Life and Death: Clare Goldsberry

From ancient sages, spiritual teachers such as the Buddha, philosophers including Plato and Seneca to modern-day quantum physicists, life-long student of religions and spiritual traditions, philosophy and quantum physics, Clare Goldsberry, walks us through the mystery of death and dying, as well as the questions of the meaning and purpose of life. With her insights as a Buddhist practitioner and teacher, student of Hinduism, as well as the journey of the cancer diagnosis of her significant other and his death, she provides a unique view into living and dying as seen through the ages from those who’ve sought answers into this most mysterious of experiences—this thing we call death.

Clare Goldsberry’s interests have taken her along many different paths from Protestant Christianity, Mormonism, Ageless Wisdom traditions, Gnosticism, and finally into the Eastern philosophies of Hinduism and Buddhism. Sharing the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient sages, spiritual teachers, philosophers, and modern-day quantum physicists, in her newest book, The Illusion of Life and Death: Mind, Consciousness, and Eternal Being, Clare shares her insights as a Buddhist practitioner, her spiritual studies and her partner’s cancer journey, to provide a profound view of living and dying as seen through the ages by those who have sought answers regarding the most mysterious aspect of life we call death. She wrote the book after her partner Brent’s illness and death, to help people understand what having a good death means: a death without fear of the unknown – to trust the path of passing – which makes living so much more enjoyable. Her intention is to help people understand, “The end of this lifetime is as important and miraculous as the beginning. It truly a time to celebrate the life—and the death—of the person.” Her other spiritual books include, The Teacher Within and A Stranger in Zion. Clare lives in Phoenix, where she teaches classes on Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Ageless Wisdom traditions, Theosophy, Christianity in America, Mormonism, Transcendentalism and New Thought for the Maricopa County Community College.

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