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07-15-20 How to be Unstoppable & Find Your Bliss with Rochel Marie Lawson

July Means Freedom! What would you like to be free from, and what would you like to be free to do? And interestingly, are freedom from and freedom to even related? What does it truly mean to be free, and how can you balance the tension between freedom and responsibility? Join Lora all month long, at 7 AM and 7PM EST as she explores the concept of freedom, so you can learn to be FREE to love yourself, your body, and your life, as they are right now – even in the middle of a pandemic!

Top Take-a-ways:

  • Why feeling fabulous is as important as achieving success
  • How to improve your wellbeing naturally
  • Connecting with your passion in order to fuel your purpose

Rochel Marie Lawson, the Queen of Feeling Fabulous is on a mission to help women live the life of their dreams. She knows what it means to hustle and come out living a life of bliss, and she wants this for all women!

Rochel Marie is a successful entrepreneur, as well as a Registered Nurse and Ayurvedic Practitioner. Her energy, guidance, wisdom, and enthusiasm have helped thousands of people to improve their wellbeing, holistically and naturally, so that they could live the life of their dreams. This year, she is ready to take on the world and help women become totally unstoppable and help them to turn their passion into purpose through Blissful Living 4 U’s Unstoppable Women’s Summit!

Blissful Living 4 U’s Unstoppable Women’s Summit is about helping women of all ages to realize their potential to become whatever it is they want to be and to do whatever it is that they want to do in life so that they can step into their true purpose and live the life of their dreams. It is about helping women to discover the unique gifts that they have and allow them to share these gifts, their talents, wisdom, purpose, and passion with the world. The belief is that we are living in a day and age where women no longer have to be afraid to step out into the world and take claim to what they want to do. It’s time for women to allow their voice and passion to be heard, and to take a stand for what is right while elevating and progressing humanity in a positive manner.

Learn more about Rochel at: or

Learn more (and sign up to attend!) about the Unstoppable Women’s Summit at Better Still? Lora will be speaking at Rochel’s summit, so if you attend, you will have the opportunity to meet us both in person!

Feeling worn down and dull? Hoping for a little more sparkle, joy and enthusiasm in your day? Then sashay on over to and download The Top 20 Things That Block Your Sparkle And What to Do About Them today!

Still want more? Of course, you do! Purchase Lora’s book, FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy & Spiritual Self wherever books are sold.

Learn more about Lora here:

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