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Michelle Baldwin10-14-20 How Burlesque Disrupts Ageism, Sexism, and Traditional Beauty Standards and Empowers Women to Be Who They Are. -With Michelle Baldwin

Let’s talk about Burlesque & Boobies! What? October is breast cancer awareness month, and because my work focuses on confronting taboo head on and talking about important things that we are uncomfortable talking about, we are going to spend the month talking about all things Burlesque & Boobies!

Have you ever been stereotyped, judged, or hindered because of you age, your gender, or how you looked? Sure, women have more power now than they did in the past, or did they? Are we truly more free, or are we just constrained in different ways? Burlesque is an art form that pokes fun of societal norms and allows the audience and performers alike to see “reality” in a different light. Are you ready to set yourself free?

Top take-a-ways:

  • How the art of burlesque enabled women to enter theater, formerly a “man’s domain” and how you can use the concept of burlesque to break through your own barriers using fantasy, fun, and creative imagination.
  • How doing what you love empowers you to live a better life, both financially, emotionally, and intellectually.
  • How seeing someone who looks just like you, be sexy, funny, or powerful on stage, helps you to own those same qualities in yourself.

Michelle Baldwin, artist, author, activist, curator of all things vintage and beautiful, and Mother of Burlesque in Denver, has deep connections throughout the Denver metro community with resources and experiences that range from the practical and necessary to the outlandish and unexpected.

Michelle is also known by her alter ego “Vivienne VaVoom”, and is the founder of Denver’s burlesque revival. She’s produced large scale shows at the Gothic, Ogden and Bluebird Theaters, and more intimate shows at private events and product launches. She is a skilled emcee, producer and performer and has applied her burlesque entertainment skills (captivating a crowd, working un unusual spaces, event flow and timing, etc) to non-burlesque events as well as to her everyday life. Learn more by finding her on social media at Vivienne VaVoom.

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