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11-05-18  Hospice: End-of-Life Love

Once again, Dr. Judy’s sister, Sally Morgan, PT, CST, renowned specialist in holistic physical therapy for pets, will guest host the Naturally Healthy Pets radio show this week.  Sally is a pioneer in Craniosacral therapy for animals, an advanced Tellington TTouch practitioner, Reiki master, Vibrational healer, manual therapy expert and bestselling author of Dances of the Heart–Connecting With Animals and the accompanying Animal Connection cards. She travels to teach and lives in Massachusetts with her corgi Trystan. Visit her at, on Facebook at Sally Morgan PT CST, and on YouTube at Conversations With A Corgi.

This week, Sally welcomes Dr. Ella Bittel, a holistic veterinarian specializing in veterinary hospice care.  Born in Germany, where she graduated from veterinary school in 1994, Dr. Ella worked in California for nearly 20 years, offering the holistic aspects of patient care, such as animal chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, laser treatments, craniosacral work and more.  An experience with her heart dog, Momo, led her to a passion on improving availability of hospice for animals. Similar as in human care, the goal is to allow an animal to live its life fully and die an unhastened, peaceful death supported by its family at home or in rarer cases when a patient’s comfort cannot be sufficiently maintained, euthanasia is chosen to end hospice care.  Dr. Ella’s desire to help those in need resulted in her creation of the first ever online classes on Geriatric, Special-Needs and End-of-Life care for companion animals. Her conference presentations on this include the AVMA, AHVMA and each International Symposium on Veterinary Hospice Care held at UC Davis. In addition, her website,, has provided a free, non-veterinary animal hospice helpline for more than a decade.  There is a strong trend in modern societies to keep death and dying out of our awareness, leaving us unprepared for a natural conclusion to physical existence.  This will be a learning experience for all as Sally and Dr. Ella enlighten us on hospice and natural end-of-life care for our beloved pets.

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