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01-15-18 Homeopathy:  Safe, Gentle Medicine

It’s going to be a great show this week as Dr. Morgan welcomes Homeopathic Practitioner and Healthy Pet Food Pioneer, Maria Ringo DHMHS, CCH, HOM, who resides with her family in Toronto, Canada.  A devoted student of health and nutrition, Maria left the corporate world, heading back to school to become a licensed practitioner of homeopathic medicine.  Her passion for homeopathy goes back 25 years; she worked for a busy homeopathic family practice where she saw firsthand how brilliantly effective it can be for every member of the family, including pets.  In 2010 Maria and her husband co-founded Carna4 Handcrafted Pet Food, the first 100% synthetic-free complete commercial pet food. Her many years of education and experience allow her to help people and pets by providing safe, gentle medicine, nutritional strategies and personal support.  You won’t want to miss this fascinating conversation with Dr. Morgan and Maria as they discuss homeopathy, nutrition and more!

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