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03-01-22 Help and Healing for Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking

Andrea McHenry

Executive Director of Freedom and Restoration for Everyone Enslaved (FREE)

Before joining FREE, Andrea was a Licensed Massage Therapist and worked in the medical massage therapy field for 10 years. Earlier in her career, she was a Certified Court Reporter and worked in the legal field for 7 years. Ten years ago, she became passionate about anti-human trafficking work and serving women coming out of the sex trafficking industry, so she started to volunteer her time at FREE.

In 2015, Andrea took on the role of Executive Director within the organization. Since her time as Director, Andrea has continued to strengthen the educational pillar within the organization. In 2017, seeing there was a gap in services available to sexually exploited women in the county, Andrea moved FREE forward in providing direct-care services, including opening a women’s drop-in center in the City of Reading, and in working to open a residential program for survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

As a follower of Christ, Andrea knows she is called to be light in the darkness, which is why she is committed to being a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for victims and survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.  She believes every-day people can take a stand against human trafficking, and together we can make a difference in bringing justice to the enslaved in our local communities and around the world.

Mandy Leigh

Mandy Leigh is a certified Transformation Coach, with a focus on mental and spiritual wellness, based in northeastern Pennsylvania. She brings a unique approach to healing by combining the power of the supernatural with holistic healing methods and techniques to bring lasting relief and freedom. Mandy Leigh has received training in Biblical Counseling, Psychology, Inner Healing and Deliverance through a wide variety of sources, including Northland Baptist Bible College, Liberty University and Restored To Freedom.

She serves on multiple inner healing and deliverance teams, including Deeper Still, a nationwide non-profit organization ministering to men and women that suffer from the soul wound of abortion. She also serves on the board of F.R.E.E., a non-profit organization focusing on bringing healing and restoration to sexually exploited women and raising awareness for human trafficking. She is also a certified coach for Kingdom Builders Academy, an online academy focused on equipping the next generation of Kingdom minded entrepreneurs. In this role, she teaches new students how to build their business and brand in the same way that she has successfully built her own business and brand.

She has appeared on multiple episodes of The Kingdom View, a globally broadcasted television show on the Now Network and a repeating guest on the popular radio show, Conversations That Make A Difference with Teresa Velardi. She is a published author, speaker and coach and the founder of Scarlet Cord Ministries and Kingdom Rains Coaching, LLC

Mandy Leigh has overcome many traumatic life events through the power of The Holy Spirit and applying the same techniques she teaches to her clients. Her story includes overcoming abuse, sex trafficking, addiction, divorce and mental health disorders. She walks side by side with her clients, guiding them through the supernatural healing journey on the spirit, mind and body levels. She meets you right where you are and shines the light of truth into your dark spaces and holds your hand every step of the way as you climb upwards. Mandy Leigh has a passion for her clients and their freedom and combines that passion with prophetic wisdom from the heart of God in order to pull you from darkness to light.

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