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Heartliving Archives with Dr. Cynthia Bischoff

You and Your Guardian Angel

03-01-15   “You and Your Guardian Angel” The angels are seeking to communicate with us so that we may develop a closer and deeper kinship than we have yet...

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Navigating Life’s Passages

02-01-15  “Navigating Life’s Passages” Are you searching for greater life meaning?  Dr. Carl Jung, famous psychiatrist, described the life cycle as life in two...

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Your Parents and You

12-07-14Topic: Your Parents and You: The Impact of that Relationship on Your Life! A family is more than a collection of related people--it is a “system,” a...

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Awakening Your Intuition

05-04-14 Topic:“Awakening Your Intuition” Description:   We all carry within us the ability to connect with our intuition and to receive guidance from Spirit. ...

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The Power of Effective Boundaries

04-06-14 TITLE:  The Power of Effective Boundaries Boundaries define limits and allow us to protect and take care of ourselves and our energy.  Why, then, do many...

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Our Fathers, Ourselves

11- 03-13 Topic: Our Fathers, Ourselves A theory exists that we choose our parents before we are born in order to learn some essential life truths.  If this is so,...

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Our Mothers, Ourselves

  10-06-13 Topic: Our Mothers, Ourselves What do you think was the effect of your relationship to your mother on your life? In this insightful show, Cynthia will discuss the power that our relationship to our mother has on us, including how this relationship has...

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