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05-22-20 Healing Thoughts and Mooditations

Join Leah Marie for Mooditations Meditations of healing and wellness.  Leah produced her recorded guided meditations for daily practice about 6 years ago and she is sharing a few of them on the show.

Please join Leah in meditation, for this show honors all of us… and especially all who are in distress, grieving the loss of a loved one and those we have lost to the pandemic.  Also, those that are fighting for their lives right now and those that are heroes in healthcare.

Lets use this time to tune into healing thoughts and send out love energy to all that need it.  

Visit to get a free audio lecture and Mp3 guided meditation. Check out Leah’s wellness virtually videos, online workshops and find out how to book a session.

Visit ,  and  to learn more about Leah Marie’s projects.

You can learn more about Leah Marie’s meditations and purchase her daily meditation program, “Mooditations for Healing and Wellness”, at

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